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This page contains links to sources of information in English about public-service and humanitarian activities. Can you recommend an appropriate site to add to the list? If so, please send in its URL.

Habitat for Humanity
A non-profit international organization that helps people build homes for themselves. True stories from various countries.
NCH Children's Charities
"NCH helps children achieve their full potential. Through our services we support some of the most vulnerable and excluded children in the UK. NCH has been actively involved in work overseas for 35 years. We are not an aid agency, but operate as a social work agency in countries in the Eastern Caribbean, Southern Africa and Central America."
Oxfam International
A confederation of organizations working in more than 100 countries to remove the causes of poverty by a combination of efforts including development programs, humanitarian response, and lobbying for policy changes.
Save the Children
An NGO devoted to helping children in need and defending children's rights. It's an international alliance; this link will take you to the US site.
SOS Children's Villages Canada
"SOS Children's Villages Canada is part of the world's largest orphan and abandoned children charity. We work to raise funds to support over 45,000 orphans world wide and we help children maintain their families with our family strengthening programs."
SOS Children's Villages UK
"This is the UK charity homepage of SOS Children, the world's largest "orphan and abandoned children" charity. Supported by sponsors worldwide, our children's charity provides a home (in amazing Children's Villages) for over 60,000 children in over 125 countries and helps half a million more through projects around the world, including AIDS orphans, street children and tsunami orphans."
United Nations Children's Fund.

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