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This page contains links to sources of information in English about the natural world, outdoor life, and related subjects. Can you recommend an appropriate site to add to the list? If so, please send in its URL.

Canadian Nature Federation
A non-profit conservation organization involving more than 100 affiliated naturalist groups. The CNF's mission is "to protect nature, its diversity and the processes that sustain it". On this site you can learn about such things as wildlands and seas, bird conservation, and endangered species.
EPA Climate Change Kids Site
Information about the environmental issue of global warming and other kinds of climate change, presented in an interesting way for young people.
Gardens and Grasshoppers: Kids Guide to Insects
Links to various sources of information about insects. Here again, the focus is on an interesting and accessible view of the natural world for young people.
The Hidden Forest
A cool, dark site devoted to the plant life of New Zealand's forests. This is rich material for serious study, and it's illustrated with high-resolution photos that will please the casual visitor as well.
Kayak & Canoe Trips
River journeys of a family and their friends in the Netherlands.
New Zealand Birds
All about the birds of New Zealand: facts, folklore, activities, and beautiful pictures.
Vernal Pool Paradise
Besides giving lots of information about nature, this "Virtual Field Trip To Boggs Lake Preserve" (in the US state of California) captures the excitement and fun of discovering the world in which we live. The site itself is as natural as bare feet. Bravo!
Western Maryland Scenic Railroad
A memorable train ride in the mountains of Maryland, USA. If you ever have a chance to take it, go in October.

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