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This page contains links to sources of cultural information in English. The information may be about any subject of cultural interest in the world, not only in the traditional English-speaking countries. Can you recommend an appropriate site to add to the list? If so, please send in its URL.

British Museum
Celtic Britain, ancient Egypt, and many other wonders.
Citizen Kane
A site devoted to one movie, which many film critics have called the greatest of all time: Citizen Kane. It was directed by the young Orson Welles, who also appears in the starring role.
Food Tales
A section of the Soupsong web site (see below), containing many bits of information about food. The "tales" combine history, natural science, and a dash of humor. If you want to learn  the difference between shrimp and prawns, this is the place to go.
Kennedy Center
Center for the performing arts in Washington, DC.
Koala Net
This site based in the town of Noosa, Queensland, offers a variety of information about life, culture, and language in Australia.
LG Korean Folktales
Folktales from Korea and other countries, with audio versions. The stories are illustrated in rebus fashion, so that you can enjoy building your vocabulary while you read. Some of the links may not work, but don't give up!
The Moonlit Road
Ghost stories and folktales of the American South, told by the region's most celebrated storytellers.
Norwich, the Old City
An ancient city in Britain and its crafts. The site owner is a delightful and interesting person called The Old Craft Lady.
US public TV network.
PBS Kids
US public TV network, children's programming. If you visit Mister Rogers, you can listen to songs while reading the lyrics.
An odd and friendly web site (isn't that nice?) devoted to soup! It includes many, many recipes, lots of information about soups and other foods, and even some jokes. This site is for people who like to read: it's all text.

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