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Words to keep
"If triangles had a god, he would have three sides." —Montesquieu (Persian Letters)

Our world, our story
A woman's smoking or drinking during pregnancy may cause mental impairment in the baby. It's well known that smoking can cause retardation of a severe and obvious kind. It's less well known that heavy consumption of alcohol can permanently impair the baby's powers of judgment. While the damage may go unnoticed in childhood, it can lead to strange and even dangerous behavior in adulthood.

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Look tomorrow!

Q:  What enormous geological feature in the US state of Arizona may escape your notice till you're within a few dozen meters of it?

Yesterday's teaser
Q:  What's wrong with the following logic? "Since some languages have no articles (such as a/an and the), we know they're not essential to communication. Therefore it's not important to use articles in speaking or writing English."
A:  The absence of articles is not felt in a language that has developed without them, but it is felt in a language that has given them various communicative functions over the years. English, alas, is such a language!
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